Above the clouds in New Zealand
I am a guy with a serious case of wanderlust. I looked for any way or excuse to travel and couldn’t stand being in one place very long. I met someone who shares this same affliction and now with her and our new family member Kruz, we are reorganizing our lives in an effort to see the world as a family and really enjoy the road of life.
Mountain Biking Southern Utah
I have a passion for outdoor adventure which takes the form of self supported, vehicle-based overlanding, cycling, skiing, paddling, and backpacking.
Paddling Lake Superior
I share my accounts through photo and word and try to portray my experiences through my eyes.
Paddling, biking, camping on the Keweenaw


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Scott Masingill

    Just noted on FJC Magazine’s post (FB) that you recently moved to Minturn? Small world… I’ve got friends that live out there (Jason Osborne and Vanessa Pathammavong). I’ve got a 2010 FJ and cruised all around Minturn and the surrounding areas. Jason and Vanessa also wheel quite a bit and normally may be found at Kirby Cosmos. Anyway, I’ll be moving to Denver in the next year and will frequent Minturn to see my friends. Just look for the heavily modded, black FJ with “FJ Wanderlust” on the side (along with Total Chaos across the doors). Cheers,
    Scott Masingill

    • Ah nice, small world. Yeah, just moved to Minturn, was in Jackson, WY before this, and still consider the UP home too. I live pretty much across the street from Kirby’s so I know the place well. Shoot me a line if you are in town, can grab a beer there.

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