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Celebrating Fall; 5 days through the Keweenaw Peninsula’s Copper Country

I love the 4 seasons, each one bringing its own special reasons to enjoy, though fall is definately my favorite. Watching the woods change from vibrant green, to bright colors of the rainbow before the earthy browns of late fall dissapear under a carpet of white adds another dimension to the the outdoors. Seemingly every day that passes the same landscapes evolve towards that inevitable state of winter slumber.

A week after returning from Chile and the end of their winter season, I jumped back to the last hurrah of fair weather. I had planned a trip up the Copper Country, also known more commonly as the Keweenaw Peninsula with my new adventure buddy Julie and we had the plan of camping and mountain biking Copper Harbor as the primary mission. We met up with our friend Ian from Traverse City and his daughter Stella but on the first morning, after spending the night at Ft Wilkins State Campground, Julie tripped on a root while carrying the breakfast dishes to wash them, she managed to painfully dislocate her elbow right before we were to begin our first day of riding. Our plans changed quickly and despite immense pain, she decided to soldier on and focus on camping, hiking, and cheffing up some good camp food.

What follow is photo essay of 5 days of absolutely perfect weather at the peak of the colors in the Copper Country of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Enjoy….

Remnants of the old Cliff Cemetary, site of an old mine settlement that dates back to the 1850’s, now overgrown by forest.

Some wooden tombstones remain though the script is now unreadable.

Sunsetting from Brockway Mountain… The views here never fail to impress.

Our mode of transport and roaming home on wheels for the trip on Brockway Mountain.

Bands of color visible from Brockway.
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