Chile September 2011

I spent 2 weeks in late September in the Chilean Andes on a work trip. I thought I would share up a little photo journal from the trip. This marks my 7th time to Chile, a country I hold close to my heart for its dramatic landscapes, kind people, and good food and drink. While the nature of the trip was for skiing, not overlanding, I figured some folks would get a kick out of some shots of the Andes at the end of the South American winter season. So, be warned, no tricked out overland rigs in this one, just scenery and ski racing pics.

Whenever I fly out of Marquette, I really enjoy seeing the Great Lakes region from the air. This is flying over the area I grew up, the Leelanau Peninsula of Michigan. That is the shore of Lake Michigan and the north end of Lake Leelanau with the town of Leland visible. Gorgeous area.

Detroit’s airport is probably one of my favorite airports due to how clean and open it is. This fountain is mesmerizing too.

After an overnight flight into Santiago we stop at the Jumbo in Las Condes district of Santiago to get some groceries before heading up to the ski resort of Valle Nevado. Operating shopping carts into traffic is always fun.

Training Super G, Laurenne Ross out of the gate.

Not exactly roughing it, the Hotel Puerto del Sol in Valle Nevado is a nice place to live for two weeks. View from my balcony.

Another shot from the digs.

Curious fox with no fear. Normally stray dogs on the ski hill are pretty common, as they are in alot of areas of Latin America, having close encounters with fox not so much.

Julia Ford our of the start in Super G Training

Kiley Staples

Laurenne’s helmet makes me dizzy

Morning view looking out towards Santiago from the top of the downhill track which essentially is the peak of a mountain.

At the start of the downhill track, gives you a feel for how steep the upper pitch is.

Resi Stiegler

Downhill inspection in the morning

This shot really shows the dramatic location where the hotel is located.

Last light showing on 18,000ft El Plomo

You are practically guaranteed a spectacular sunset every evening.

Foreste, Kiley, and Brooke during giant slalom training.

Sunrises aren’t too shabby either.

Brooke Wales

Team shot

3 seconds after team shot, and therefore a more appropriate team shot

Staff and athletes

Training is no joke, Julia Ford, taking a break after a grueling GS training session. Living and training above 9,000 feet for two weeks takes a toll.


Pano shot of Valle Nevado

Alice McKennis and yours truly

Hotel Puerto del Sol

Ok, maybe a little vehicle representation, this Nissan ambulence looked like it could be a pretty promising little platform.

I didn’t snap a ton of pics as I was pretty busy working and we stayed in Valle Nevado for the duration of the trip. Anyway, hope you enjoyed.

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